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Welcome to the spotters guide page.  Select an airport from the menu on the left.

The spotting guides will provide you with a map of areas to spot, descriptions of of the areas as well as all communications frequencies to monitor air traffic control.

Always call before you spot! (this may not be necessary at all airports)

The phone numbers are listed on each spotting guide for the local security offices

Make sure to let them know the following information:

Who you are
Where you will be spotting
What kind / color of car you are driving
What time you will be out there
How long you plan to stay
What you will be doing (taking pictures, just spotting, etc)

WARNING: The information provided on this page is intended for the sole use of aviation enthusiasts to properly practice their hobby. HoustonSpotters.net or its members assumes no responsibility for any actions and/or conduct during their hobby practices, or any consequences of following the instructions provided here. The user acknowledges and understands that aviation enthusiasm can draw attention and suspicion from others, and all enthusiasts are encouraged to act in a respectful and open manner towards law enforcement officers, to carry their ID on them at all times, and to report truly suspicious activity to law enforcement agencies.

Happy Spotting!