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Spotting guide for: KIWS - West Houston Airport
Map courtesy of Google Maps mapping service
Guide to map icons:

Publicly accessible areas that do not require any prior notification to spot.
Areas such as parking garages that require prior approval or notification to airport security to spot.
Areas that to not require notification to spot, but are at your own risk!  You may be asked to leave by Airport security or by police.
Restricted area!  Do not spot here, or you will be asked to leave by airport security or police.
Food / Drink!  Spotting sometimes requires a lot of time out in the sun.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and get food when you need it.
These orange lines indicate where the final approach path of a runway intersect or pass near a spotting area.

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  Site 1: Main ramp The main ramp is accessible during daylight hours and offers great views of arriving and departing aircraft from either runway heading.

The employees at West Houston are friendly and welcome spotters, however, make sure that someone knows that you are out on the ramp, and exercise extreme caution, as this is an ACTIVE airport ramp with spinning props and hot jet exhaust!

Examples of photos taken from the main ramp:

  Site 2: Upstairs terminal The upstairs portion of the terminal is the official observation deck and is open during normal business hours. Offers excellent views of the ramp.
Communications Frequencies:

121.150Clearance DeliveryWest Houston Clearance Delivery
123.050CTAF/UNICOMWest Houston CTAF / Unicom